A beginner’s guide on hair restoration therapy so you can restore your confidence in a short time

There are many reasons why you might be experiencing hair loss. Some options have to do with genetics, stress and anxiety, medication, hormonal changes, the use of wigs or tight hairstyles, and many more. Hair loss can appear at almost any age, from teenage years to past your 60s.

If you’ve tried everything and you still can find some peace with your hair, this post will come in handy. Below we’ll talk about PRP therapy, an innovative hair restoration procedure that has been around for a while and that has provided outstanding results for a multitude of people.

What Is PRP?

PRP therapy, or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, has been used for a while on people with alopecia from wearing wigs, tight hairstyles, and hair loss due to genetics.

PRP therapy involves drawing a little bit of your blood, getting it processed and later injecting it into your scalp to promote hair growth and its maintenance. When injecting blood directly into the hair follicle, it enhances its blood supply, resulting in thick, healthier hair.

This hair restoration therapy is widely chosen by people who don’t want to treat the issue with steroids or other medication that can alter their hormones and well-being.

PRP For Hair Restoration Process

The process for PRP is rather simple and has three steps: drawing your blood, separating the fluids, and injecting it into your scalp.

Drawing your blood takes just a few minutes and can be drawn from your arm as a regular blood test. After this, the blood is deposited into a centrifuge machine that spins very fast and separates your blood into three layers, which are red blood cells, platelet-rich plasma, and platelet-poor plasma.

As the name of the therapy gives away, only the platelet-rich plasma will be used on your scalp, with the help of a syringe.

Can Everyone Get PRP Therapy?

Not all people are eligible for PRP for hair restoration, and this has to do with possible health complications that you might be exposed to if you have certain conditions, including cancer, chronic skin disease, systemic disorder, thyroid disease, and more.

You can consult an aesthetician to evaluate your situation, and make sure to inform if you take any medication, smoke, take or have taken drugs, or have a history of alcohol abuse.

Where To Get Hair Restoration Therapy

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We have a skilled team of professionals ready to help you improve your health by providing you with quality and effective treatments as well as valuable knowledge you can apply in your daily routine.

Here you can schedule an appointment for PRP therapy so one of our practitioners can take a look at your scalp and determine the best course of action for your situation.