How to make the most out of your cycle and keep your body moving pain-free 

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Unlike men, women don’t “restart” their bodies after 24 hours but rather after 28 days, approximately. During this time, your motivation, energy levels, strength, and more can change. 

Take a look at the following article where we explain how each phase of your menstrual cycle can change the way you work out and what you can do to still make the most out of it.

Exercising During Menstruation 

The menstrual cycle is divided into four different stages: menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation, and luteal phase. Each one has a different effect on your body due to the hormone levels experienced during said periods. 

When you have your period, you shed the lining of your uterus which lasts around three to seven days (on average). This part of the cycle is often known as the “worst” but many studies have presented impressive proof that exercising during your period can actually help relieve cramps and result in a slightly less painful menstrual cycle. 

According to the phase of your cycle, you can experience more or less motivation, energy, and strength to go through a workout session, which is why learning more about how your menstrual cycle can affect your performance is essential to keep your body moving without hurting it or making your mind feel like you’re not being productive. 

Exercising During Your Follicular Phase 

The follicular phase begins the same day your period comes and it extends until you start ovulating. During this time, your hormone levels increase and so does your energy. 

Because of the number of hormones that are stimulated during this time, it is recommended that you do high-intensity workouts to take advantage of such an increase. HIIT workouts, as well as heavy weights for strength training, are great recommendations as well as running and dancing. 

Exercising During Ovulation 

Ovulation lasts around three to five days when a mature egg is released from the surface of the ovary and travels through the fallopian tube until it arrives in the uterus. If the egg is not fertilized within 24 hours it disintegrates.

During this face you’ll still have some high energy levels since its proximity to the follicular phase, therefore doing the same activities should be fine. If you experience extreme pain or cramps you should modify your workout routine to a lighter intensity. 

Exercising During The Luteal Phase 

The luteal phase lasts around two weeks and it is the part of your period where your energy levels will start to decrease due to the amount of work your body is doing to prepare for menstruation. 

It is recommended to use this time to recover and try to cut back on the physical activities that you’ve been doing to allow yourself to properly rest. 

Working Out During Your Menstrual Cycle Wrap-Up After reading this article we hope you gained a bit more knowledge about your period and how you can use each stage of your cycle to your advantage. 

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